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Horizon MiniPak personal fuel cell charger hands-on (video)

Jacob Schulman

Our dreams of a personal fuel cell that can charge our gadgets on the go are coming closer to fruition, and if the people at Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies continue what they're doing, our dreams might come true sooner rather than later. A handheld box a bit larger than an iPhone, the MiniPak handheld fuel cell charger uses Hydrostik cartridges filled with solid hydrogen particles to keep your gadgets juiced. It comes with one Hydrostik, which can be refilled with the companion product, the HydroFILL. The HydroFILL gets filled up with water, and when connected to a power source, it breaks the water down to hydrogen and oxygen, filling up the cartridges. We'll admit that we're not exactly up on our molecular chemistry, so check out the video after the break to see a Horizon rep explaining it more clearly.

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