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Madden Ultimate Team now available on Xbox 360 and PS3


If you've grown tired with tossing around the virtual pigskin for the last six months, then you may want to check out Madden NFL 10's free DLC, Madden Ultimate Team. Available as a free title update on the Xbox 360 and PS3, Madden Ultimate Team turns the football experience into a trading card game, allowing players to construct custom teams using collectible cards.

Upon initial start-up, you'll receive a starter pack with one coach, some players, an offensive and defensive playbook and home and away jerseys. You can then match your constructed team up against the CPU or take on a human opponent via online, where your performance will net you coins to purchase more cards.

You can check out a tutorial of the new mode above, but also feel free to get a closer glimpse at the cards and interface via the images in our gallery below. Or, you know, just boot up your copy of Madden NFL 10.

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