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One Shots: Bad Santas

While you're unlikely to find Billy Bob Thornton running around in the landscape of CrimeCraft, recently players were treated to all the strange Santas they could handle in the recent holiday event "Mall Santa Photo Booth." Now as to how some weirded-out Terminator Santa got in there, we've no idea. Thankfully Victor B. was there to capture this image from the event, and might be able to shed some light on it:

CrimeCraft is a persistent online third-person shooter with an "over-the-shoulder" view similar to Gears of War. It takes place in a near future urban metropolis that revolves around gang warfare. Players can create gangs, craft weaponry, tailor clothes, and manufacture drugs. Game play in instances features a kill streak reward system similar to COD4. It grants experience points, which allows a player to upgrade their skills (skills are like perks such as martyrdom and explosives).

Well, perhaps a reader will explain the festive cyborg-looking thing on the left, eh?

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