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Qore: Heavy Rain forecast for February 16


The latest issue of PS3's interactive monthly show-thing, Qore, offers a release date of February 16 for Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain. In this Qore menu screen captured by Examiner (pictured above), the release date -- presumably for North America -- is listed as fact, just like that's what it's always been.

However, we shouldn't take this as an official announcement. Since Sony chose to reveal the European collector's edition of the game with a big post on the PlayStation Blog and a press release, we would expect something similarly flashy for the official launch date reveal, and not just a low-key, incidental listing as seen in Qore. At best, this is the sort of unintentional "leak" that makes Qore a can't-miss publication.

As for a UK date, CVG's shadowy sources indicate that the best guess for the PAL version release is still February 26.

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