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Rumor: Blizzard's next MMO to be an MMOFPS


Yep, another MMO rumor for you guys about the Blizzard's next title. While Blizzard has been very adamant in saying that their next MMO would be very different from World of Warcraft, there might be more difference here than just the game's setting.

The French gaming site NoFrag is reporting that Blizzard's next game will include an FPS portion as well as a social portion, splitting the player between two systems. While the player will be able to meet people, chat, and make friends in the social area of the game, they will also be able to then launch into the FPS portion with their friends and battle over objectives.

Adding this to the widely spread rumor that this next game is going to be a sci-fi title and Kaplan's hints that the game might be hitting consoles? We have a feeling we might be looking at a cyberpunk setting here, if players are switching between two "modes" of play. The social play would be set in the real world while the FPS would be set in a virtual landscape. But, of course, that's just our best guess.

[Via Blue's News]

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