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Rumor: Dead or Alive 5 in the works for PS3


According to a scan of the "Rumour Machine" section of the latest UK Official PlayStation Magazine found on Playstation Lifestyle, Tecmo's flagship fighting franchise, Dead or Alive, could be set for a return for the first time since Tomonobu Itagaki's departure -- and this time, it'll be on PS3. The magazine, which also rehashes some old rumors, claims that Dead or Alive 5 is "in production for PS3," something that doesn't necessarily rule out an Xbox 360 release (a PlayStation magazine would simply have no reason to mention that).

It seems does likely that Team Ninja would want to develop a new DOA. After all, that's the perfect showcase for the studio's latest Jiggle Tech® -- now in triple-D.

The most recent Dead or Alive game to be announced will also be on a Sony platform: the beach minigame collection, DOA Paradise, which is coming to PSP this spring. Maybe now that Itagaki's out, Tecmo can pursue whatever interest it must have had in publishing DOA on PlayStation -- something that hasn't happened since the Xbox was released.

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