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Shuttle laptops hands-on

Vlad Savov

Shuttle's press announcement of its new mobile platform was accompanied by a booth's worth of demonstration units and we went over for a quick peek. What we saw was a selection of rather conventional looking machines -- certainly the new internal layout is not going to affect the way machines will look on the outside. There was an Atom N450 netbook in among the chunkier devices, which -- though they sported Shuttle branding and model names -- seem to be just sample machines to entice OEMs into picking up the Shuttle design. This was demonstrated best by the ridiculously creaky keyboard on one of the laptops and its hapless monitor frame. Closing and opening the lid led to the display casing splitting open (see here), which was as damaging to our love of Shuttle as it was to the unfortunate plastic.

Update: Shuttle pinged us to say that those are definitely prototypes and as such the quality of the company's products should not be judged on their current state.

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