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Sony Trik hands-on

Vlad Savov

Guess what, we don't even care if the official name is Trix, this product isn't about its name, its specs, or any other such sensible consideration. This is a loud and proud homage to every urge you've ever experienced to "express yourself." Whether yourself is a Yankees fan, a surfer, or a crazed Twilight aficionado, there are interchangeable covers to appease most (bad) tastes. We took a quick peek around this iPod / iPhone dock, and for those who care, we'd say the Trik actually looks like a well-formed tune deliverator that might very well be worth the $130 asking price. Audio testing in the booming halls of CES was a futile affair, but there's plenty of time before April's release date for you to hear them for yourself and to pick a tasteful cover to demonstrate your individuality with.

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