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Teleepoch's Qualcomm-powered WMDP gesture phone in action


It might not look like much, but it really isn't. The new handset prototype from Teleepoch is a flip phone with a miniscule display cut-out and nothing else of note. All functionality is controlled by tilting the phone up and down to scroll through menus and shaking the handset a particular direction to drill in and out of menu options. There's voice control for inputting numbers and quick-dialing, and everything of note is powered by a new "wearable device" WMDP chip design from Qualcomm that integrates the phone radio, processor and accelerometer into a board about the size of a quarter. With this few elements (the only pure mechanical interaction with the phone is the hinge), the handset should be dirt cheap, but it's difficult to say if anyone will actually want to use it when it's released later this year. Check out a video of an early version after the break.

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