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WonderKing goes open beta, offers panda pet

If you enjoy side-scrolling free-to-play MMOs that you and your kids can play together, then you'll be glad to hear this piece of news. Ndoors Interactive, the company that brought Atlantica Online to this side of the pond has opened up the doors on their newest MMO offering, WonderKing. Set in myriad worlds thanks to dimensional travel, this new game pits players against hordes of demons who seem to inhabit everything from particularly pernicious jackalopes and jello to testy tiki monsters.

Returning players from WonderKing's closed beta who come back and play in open beta will be treated to a special secret gift. (Could be meat, could be cake!) If you haven't tried out WonderKing, don't worry -- they have something for you too. Between now and January 10th at 6PM Pacific, all players who log in will be given an adorable Black Panda pet as a way to help them test out their shiny new pet system. So, if you've been looking for a way to while away the winter hours with the family, or perhaps you're simply passionate about panda pets, head on over to the WonderKing site and take advantage of their shiny new open beta.

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