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WoW Moviewatch: Shattrath: The Forgotten City


Do you remember Shattrath City? It was the busy, bustling hub of the Outland. You could fly in and out of it, pick up some awesome badge loot, and even check out a music show? Those were the days. Of course, now, everyone's moved on to the floating city of Dalaran, and busily raiding the heck out of Arthas.

Wowcrendor has revisited the abandoned stomping ground with his new video Shattrath: The Forgotten City. He's taken the time to zip back through the old town, and check in some old friends like Haris Pilton. This is pretty classic Wowcrendor material, and it definitely takes me down nostalgia lane. I remember spending hours in the place, scaring up extra raiders for a PUG Karazhan.

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