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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is ogling technodoodads

As our loyal accountants already know, we've got a terrible, insatiable thirst for new pieces of technology. As such, going to the Consumer Electronics Show is like getting a visit from the Ghost of Bankruptcy Yet To Come. A transparent laptop? Yes, please. A hand-held, hydrogen-powered battery charger? We'll take four. Where will we get the money? We're not worrying about that right now. Maybe we'll charge people's batteries for them! That sounds like the basis for a profitable business.

Below are our seven favorite webcomics from this past week. Check them out, and vote for your favorite in the poll after the jump. If we missed out on any notable strips, make sure you drop a link in the comments section!

Fanboyonetta (The Great Indoors)
Your Heart Will Go On (Digital Unrest)
A Review of the Preview (Penny Arcade)
1497th Heaven (Dipswitch)
The Harvest of Time (2P Start)
Codependency (Virtual Shackles)
Bayonetta's Joke (Nerf Now)


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