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Japanese hardware sales, Dec. 28 - Jan. 3: Year of the Dog edition

So, the Japanese hardware sales posts enters the new year after we've been exposed to it for a little over a week. Welcome to 2010, Japanese hardware sales post! Don't forget to take down that old Marmaduke calendar -- it's outdated and horrifically unfunny.

The new year brings the promise of a tabula rasa to the sales chart, diminishing the Wii's commanding lead, bringing the PlayStation family into competin' range. Right behind that came the beautiful rainbow of Nintendo DS variations, and so on, and so on. Finally, the PSP Go fell to an unfamiliar last-place finish, marking the beginning of what's sure to be an absolutely stellar year for the slide-screened handheld.

Also, we're sorry about what we said about your Marmaduke calendar. That person-sized dog is simply hee-laaaarious. Have you seen the trailer for the movie? Oh, man. What a dog-gone treat! Wow, 2010 is going to be the best year ever.

- Wii: 163,855 51,274 (23.83%)
- PSP: 132,911 27,110 (25.62%)
- PS3: 114,368 3,849 (3.48%)
- DSi: 92,461 21,523 (18.88%)
- DSi LL: 70,643 10,787 (13.25%)
- DS Lite: 17,388 307 (1.73%)
- Xbox 360: 6,878 389 (5.99%)
- PS2: 4,023 276 (7.37%)
- PSP Go: 3,903 289 (6.89%)

[Source: Media Create]

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