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Maintenance announced for Tuesday, January 12th, 2010


When Monday night rolls around, I have a ritual that I follow without fail: I check the official server status forums and the launch tool waiting for any word on the maintenance window for Tuesday mornings over and over again. Most weeks, I'm lucky to get it by 10 PM pacific, if not midnight. Every once in a while there's an early announcement, but that's very, very rare.

So it was some surprise to me to see a Saturday afternoon announcement from blue poster Enthati. We'll be having some downtime this Tuesday from 5 AM pacific to approximately 11 AM pacific. This is honestly probably the earliest I can recall ever seeing a downtime announcement go up. This, in turn, makes me wonder if something's up. 5-11 is a pretty short window, not enough to expect a patch, I'd think.

Of course, I'm all for earlier advanced notice of downtime, so you won't hear me complain if this early announcement is just a new policy. If nothing else, I'll be able to go to bed earlier on Monday nights. And on Tuesday morning, you can head over here for all the latest news on the server downtime and all the other happenings around the world of WoW.

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