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Around Azeroth: Waiting in vain


Disappointed with the content in Wrath of the Lich King, Cygnus of <Tetractys of the Decad> on Drenden has decided to be first in line to greet Deathwing at Grim Batol. He sent in the following poem/rant/Unabomber-esque screed about tanking in WotLK:
  • Cygnus is waiting. Cygnus is a protection warrior that, like many heroes, was promised glory in the frozen north. Cygnus arrived in the freezing wastes to find no glory, but only that all the crowd control is now solely his job. Cygnus looked up to a sky with no sun, only to see a drake he had to ride, depriving him from his sword. Cygnus loved to learn new abilities during his training, and felt miserable when he was ordered to ride and charge with a lance. Cygnus hates being cold. Cygnus has had it with the Lich King. Cygnus is in Wetlands until the voices in his head stop calling for a "taunt". Cygnus is now at the doors of Grim Batol, where the sun shines, and a new promise of glory will be made. Cygnus is waiting.
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