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Control 4 Home Automation system gets an app store too

Ben Drawbaugh

We don't cover much Home Automation around here because as much as we love it, you don't seem to -- based on traffic that is. We assume this is because of the high price of entry into the market which is about $1500 thanks to the ridiculous pricing structure of even the most basic systems. Of all of 'em out there, Control 4 is the most affordable but thanks to the fact that it includes locks to protect professional integrators, it is still too expensive for most. Either way, this new 4Store app store looks pretty cool and is an easy way for users to add functionality to existing Control 4 systems. Our friend Julie from CEPro got a video of it (after the break) and we have to say it has us wishing Control 4 didn't cost more than $1000 to get started.

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