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Fable III to see the light of day next month

Lionhead community manager Sam Van Tilburgh recently teased his Twitter followers with a pair of less-than-140-character missives. Tilburgh spent this past weekend "writing storyboard summaries for two new Fable 3 videos," which will apparently "come out when we show Fable 3 for the 1st time at an event next month in SF." Of course, for that second Tweet, we're assuming "SF" stands for San Francisco, and not a much smaller venue, such as "Sam's Foyer."

We're not certain what event Tilburgh is talking about -- it's possible that Lionhead might be planning its own event to introduce the world to the flatulence-simulating technology it's discovered over the past year. Regardless, we're not too far off from seeing more of Fable 3, and that fills us with joy.

[Via Eurogamer]

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