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Microsoft to patch Word for Mac as per court order


Last month, a federal appeals court banned sales of Microsoft Word as of today, January 11th. To avoid a stoppage of sales and to comply with the court order, Microsoft is issuing a patch that will remove custom XML editing features.

In 2007, developer i4i accused Microsoft of illegally using its XML editing technology in Word 2007. On Saturday, Microsoft issued a similar patch for Word 2003. Please note that users who bought or licensed Word 2003 or Word 2007 before Jan. 10 do not have to apply the patches.

Even thought the Mac versions of Word were not mentioned in the suit, Microsoft will be patching those as well. "While Office for Mac products were not accused of infringement, we are changing the product to allay any potential concerns about compliance with the injunction," said Microsoft spokesman Kevin Kutz. Users of Word 2004 for Mac or Word 2008 for Mac will want to keep an eye out for these patches. As usual, if you experience anything unusual after patching, let us know.

[Via Macworld UK]

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