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Panasonic's 2010 plasma line has much better black levels

Ben Drawbaugh

While most HDTV manufactures are focused on being thin and 3D, Panasonic still recognizes the importance of having great contrast and deep blacks. Hidden away in the Panasonic booth we pulled back the curtain on a contrast demo and walked away impressed. Now obviously black levels are very hard to compare without being either being very familiar with the content or by having the two TVs next to each other, but one thing is for sure, the 2010 Panasonic plasmas (on the left in the picture above) have better black levels than the previous models (pictured on the right). We snapped a few pictures (second one with a slower shutter after the break) where you can see the difference, and judging by how close the V10 series was to the ultra deep blacks of the Kuro, we wouldn't be one bit surprised if the new Panny sets make us forget about the discontinued Kuro line once and for all -- it might just be wishful thinking.

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