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The Daily Grind: What are your thoughts on the World of Warcraft couple?

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Lauri Price and Andrew Kane raised a lot of conversation (and eyebrows) in the MMO world last week when the 42-year-old married mother of four traveled from her home in Texas to Ontario, Canada to meet with Kane. The pair -- who met in World of Warcraft over a year ago -- proclaimed their love for one another, with Kane declaring Price his "soulmate".

Of course, Kane's parents were fairly unhappy about this, and even more so when he left home late at night to be with Price. The couple was eventually tracked down, and Kane was brought home to his family. Price (pictured above on her way to Kane's home) returned home to Texas, where she was arrested on two counts of online solicitation of a minor and one count of enticing a child with the intent to commit a felony.

The discussion that followed once this news hit had a huge range, with opinions all over the internet ranging from "they're in love, let them be," to "that is disgusting." We'd love to know what you think, particularly in light of Lauri Price's arrest. Leave your thoughts in that handy little comment space down there!

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