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Ace Combat: Joint Assault for PSP brings Ace Combat into the real world


Recently, a Namco Bandai trademark for "Joint Assault" was discovered, but the identity of the project using that title was unknown. We didn't have to wait long to find out, as Namco just announced Ace Combat: Joint Assault, a new release in its flight action series for PSP.

Joint Assault features four-player co-op (playable online through adhocParty), new AI, and some kind of new "Enhanced Combat View" which, according to IGN, is designed to "bring the fighting up close and personal to take things away from the RADAR-heavy battles." Adding to the "enhancement" of the "view" is the fact that missions will now take place over real-life cities instead of the fictionalized nations in which the (ace) combat usually occurs.

Joint Assault will be released this summer in Asia and EMEA territories, and "this year" in North America.

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