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Hardcore Ratchet fan crafts Lombax Scrabble set

An Insomniac Games forumite named Paul Grzelak recently completed the labor of love you see above -- a stainless steel Scrabble tile set using the Lombax language from the Ratchet & Clank series. The set came about as a collaboration between Grzelak and Insomniac's Paul "Pacman" Haile -- a collaboration that not only resulted in the tiles seen above, but also in the formalization of the Lombax language, for which Grzelak received an in-game credit in A Crack In Time. Neat story, right?

If you were hoping to get your hands on a set of these tiles for ... some bizarre reason, you're out of luck. Grzelak only made 25 sets, one of which went to Insomniac. We'd be willing to bet the other 24 are still proudly displayed in his swingin' bachelor's pad.

[Thanks, Steliosco]

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