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Irrational Games has new website, podcast ... and an abandoned zombie game

Justin McElroy

It's a great time to be a fan of Irrational Games. Not only has the developer recently gotten its nomenclature back into shape, it's got a gorgeous new website full of secrets and stories behind several projects (for example, Chief Ken Levine promises to talk about Irrational's new project there ... eventually). Heck, there are even achievements!

Perhaps most exciting is a podcast called Irrational Behavior -- helmed by former 1UP Yours and GFW Radio heartthrob Shawn Elliott -- a sort of Irrational Games audio magazine presented with a Life Well Wasted/This American Life flavor. The first episode centers on abandoned ideas, including a game that blends SWAT, X-Com and zombies. And that we want right now, please.

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