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LEGO Universe gameplay footage full of 'imagination'

Kyle Horner

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally got a good look at early alpha footage of LEGO Universe thanks to CES10. Gametrailers has a four part video of a developer walkthrough given by NetDevil's Scott Brown, and boy is it ever full of multicolored brick-y goodness.

We're impressed by how much this game looks similar to its console brethren, especially where action and platforming elements are concerned. Of course, it wouldn't be an MMO without social elements, some of which we get to see here. More importantly, we get a look at how the developers are handling building with LEGOs in-game. The game simulates a kind of personal bubble around the player's avatar, which is strikingly similar to the metaphorical one all kids experience when sitting on the floor with a big pile of the toys. Hm, we're pretty sure NetDevil is on the right course with this one.

Check out the video walkthrough after the break.

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