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Syfy Channel series, MMO hybrid has a name: One Earth


General Electric, of all sources, has revealed the working title "One Earth," chosen for the joint MMO / television series venture underway between Trion and the Syfy Channel. The name was disclosed in a GE report to shareholders, which makes sense as its the parent company of Syfy and is partially funding the game through its "Peacock Equity Fund."

Trion CEO Lars Butler explains that the One Earth MMO and show "not only promote each other, they literally depend on each other and co-evolve." Rob Hill, the game's senior producer, says that unlike many licensed properties where "you have a game that's based off of a book or television show or movie, or a movie that's based off a game," One Earth is "completely different" and has the potential to "really be able to broaden the audience" by -- as GE promises -- "bringing viewers from the show into the game and vice versa."

Only time -- and TV ratings, and the game's subscription numbers -- will tell if that's all just a sci-fi fantasy.

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