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Trademark suggests Inazuma Eleven headed to US


Level-5's fab football RPG franchise, Inazuma Eleven, could be headed to the United States if a recent trademark is any indication. According to Siliconera, the US trademark crucially covers "video game discs," along with arcade machines and, er, cellphone straps. There's no telling if Level-5 will move beyond a mere trademark and carry out its goal of bringing the game to America, nor is there telling which of the Inazuma Eleven games are under consideration (none of the cellphone strap blogs have to worry about this stuff).

We'd normally be inclined to share some of our own long-winded theories, but the last thing you need is for us bore you with our ceaseless puntification.

Alright, that was bad. But you know that we're complete soccers for p -- [AUTHOR DELETED]

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