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Ageye Infinity skin yet another way to make WinMo 6.5 suck less

Chris Ziegler

If you don't have the good fortune of owning a Windows Mobile 5 or 6.x device that came preinstalled with a replacement UI (like TouchFLO, for instance) and you haven't ponied up for something like SPB Mobile Shell, there's a new kid on the block that might be worth your attention. Ageye's Infinity skin totally revamps WinMo's look and feel, taking it right down the middle of the iPhone-Android divide with features like a slider lock screen, home screen widgets, and a revamped status bar that doesn't look the same as it did in 2003. Ageye's got a long way to go to make this thing usable -- it's being considered an alpha release for the moment -- but it's a project that's probably worth keeping your eye on if you're in the market for some flashy new visuals. Hit the break for's video demo.

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