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Android 2.0 emulated on HTC Touch HD, almost fast enough to use (update: it's native!)

Chris Ziegler

The Touch HD doesn't benefit from the HD2's mighty 1GHz Snapdragon, so you might think that emulating Android 2.0 on top of Windows Mobile on HTC's last-gen superphone would end in tears -- but surprisingly, it seems to hang tolerably well. xda-developers has a project coming along to run Android on the handset through a layer called Haret, meaning you can kind of have your cake and eat it too -- if you consider Windows Mobile a cake, that is -- by switching back and forth between the two environments at your leisure, and by all accounts, Android seems to be just a couple notches slower and more stuttery than your average MSM7200 device. It looks like you still need a cold boot to get between the two platforms, but it's better than flashing your ROM every time, right? Follow the break for video of Haret in action.

[Thanks, Taimur]

Update: Turns out Android isn't running on top of WinMo here -- it's native, which gives us hope they'll be able to speed it up just a wee bit and give those Touch HDs out there a new lease on life. Thanks, everyone!

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