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Elgato's EyeTV One sticks to ATSC, leaves analog out in the cold


Looking to catch some of those OTA HDTV signals that your local affiliate is beaming through your brain of late? Well, Elgato's EyeTV One would like to show your PC or Mac how, but you'd better not get any wild ideas about plugging into some of your old analog sources like cable or your VCR. Just don't. The EyeTV One is billed as a cheaper, stripped-down alternative to the EyeTV Hybrid, and at around $100 (on certain online retailers) it's about $30 cheaper. Is erasing your sordid past with analog technologies worth saving $30 to you? Do you really want to spend five hours tonight adjusting your OTA antenna to catch CSI: The Real Housewives of Jersey Shore in HD? So many questions that need answering.

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