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Final Fantasy XIII 'International' trailer introduces English theme song


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Two months from now, Final Fantasy fans in America and Europe will be able to play the franchise's first numbered release since Final Fantasy XII -- roughly four years ago. To promote the game, Square Enix has released yet another five-minute trailer, thankfully devoid of Square Enix PR dudes trapped within humongous calendar mazes.

New to this trailer is the English theme song for the RPG, "My Hands" by Leona Lewis. "When Square Enix approached Leona about including her song 'My Hands' in Final Fantasy XIII, she was honored to be partnered with such an iconic and groundbreaking video game series," RCA Music Group's Tom Corson said in a press release. "Leona is a natural fit with the game's powerful themes and strong female protagonist." Y'know, themes like being able summon a giant ice motorcycle-robot-thing while falling from an exploding dragon airship-thing.

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