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Game Changers: Teach kids with LittleBigPlanet, earn $50K


A super team of foundations has assembled with one goal in mind: Giving you fat stacks of loot. OK, it's not entirely about that, but you could win $50,000, just from creating levels in LittleBigPlanet. Basically, Sony (in cooperation with the MacArthur Foundation, the ESA and the good ole US of A) is holding the "Game Changers" competition, a contest that charges players with creating levels that teach America's youth about science, technology, engineering and math -- you know, the STEM initiative. Basically: Edu-gaming.

Now, before you start having flashbacks of horrible dance routines and long division space battles, know you're on the clock right now! The official submission page will start accepting applicants' levels on January 15, so you better start coming up with ideas. For more info, hit up the "Game Changer" page here and best of luck!

[Via PlayStation Blog]

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