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Hey Canada! Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search now in your app store

Mel Martin

This will please many of our neighbors to the north. Nuance, the creator of Dragon Dictation [U.S. iTunes link] and Dragon Search [U.S. iTunes link] for the iPhone and iPod touch say the U.S. version of the apps is now available in the Canadian iTunes store.

These versions support U.S. English and will use U.S. English spellings ("center" vs. "centre", "color" vs. "colour", etc.). Canadian users will want to verify that their iPhone or iPod Touch's Region Format is set to Canada (see Dragon Search FAQ -> General) to search Canada specific content.

Nuance wants our readers to know that they are working on new dialects and new versions for other countries, and they hope to have some further announcements soon.

The Dragon apps are free, and have become quite a hit with users who can dictate email or text messages using the dictation app. Your words are sent to the Nuance servers where they are returned as text in a couple of seconds. The search app lets you search Google, Bing, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes and Wikipedia by simply telling the app what you want.

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