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Interplay resurrecting Stonekeep on WiiWare


Remember Stonekeep? If so, you're going to be delighted and vaguely confused by this news! If you don't remember the game, you'll just be vaguely confused. Interplay (remember Interplay) just announced that it's reviving the 15-year-old PC RPG franchise for ... WiiWare! And if you kind of remember Stonekeep and want a refresher, you can get it for $6 from GOG -- then come back and experience some confusion:

Rather than a port, Alpine Studios is concocting a new game based on the original, with "fun, a little fear and many exciting moments to all family members who dare to seek their fortunes and rid Stonekeep´s dungeons and corridors of evil using the Wii Remote controller," according to Alpine founder Les Pardew.

We'll find out what this means sometime before the Q3 2010 release. Will Alpine really come up with a casual, family-friendly concept based on ... first-person dungeon RPGs? It's hard to imagine a less casual-oriented genre.

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