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Mad Catz reveals Sonic accessories for DS and DSi


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Remember those Sonic the Hedgehog gaming accessories that Mad Catz announced all the way back in 2009? The peripheral maker has now shed further light on its licensing deal with Sega, announcing a line of Sonic products for the DS Lite and DSi. First up is the microfiber soft case, which looks an awful lot like the neon, nylon wallets we used to carry back in fifth grade. In addition to snugly storing a DS or DSi, the soft case also has an extra pocket for games or related DS goodies.

Next is the ArmorCase which, as the name implies, gives your DSi a tough outer shell to protect it from its natural predators. Like concrete, for example. Finally, our favorite Soniccessory, the Character Sockz. They're basically like the ludicrously priced iPod socks you may have seen, only these have Sonic on them and are somewhat more reasonably priced.

The Sockz, ArmorCase and soft case are expected to retail for $12.99 each, with a release planned for this spring. Check out some pre-production images in the gallery below.

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