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Masthead Studios addresses player questions about Earthrise

James Egan

Ah Earthrise, you keep dropping tiny breadcrumbs of game info for us each week. We hoard these little morsels and keep them in a jar, slowly trying to piece it all together. This week is no different and Earthrise developers Masthead Studios addressed questions from the playerbase on a few different topics.

The main thing they discussed is how the game's tutorial will allow players to experiment with skills. In RP-terms, players in the tutorial will make use of "mnemonic adaptation kits" which imprint memories. The Masthead devs state, "Simply put, it lets you test drive certain skills - such as using weapons, crafting, etc. - before you dedicate yourself to development of those skills." Those kits, however, can't be used outside of the cloning facility and won't make their way into the game beyond the tutorial zone.

Masthead also explains more about how certain skills are tied to specific equipment (armor, weaponry, devices) and how Criminal Karma -- negative reputation-- fades over time. Earthrise fans can read up on the game mechanics over on the MMO's official forums.

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