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Mega Man 10's Robot Masters revealed


CoroCoro magazine has posted character portraits and descriptions of all eight Robot Masters in Mega Man 10. While there are a few weird ones, for the most part, the foes feature the usual fire/ice/water/explosive themes we expect from Mega Man bosses.

We've seen Sheep Man and Commando Man previously, but now we know about Nitro Man, Strike Man (the sports-themed boss whose level was shown at CES), Blade Man (whose head is a blade), Chill Man, Solar Man, and ... Pump Man. He has a "water-themed shield weapon," according to the short blurb accompanying his portrait. (You can see portraits of all eight over on the Mega Man Network.)

And after the break, see Dueling Analogs' take on the new Easy Mode, in which the cartoonist does his very best to make you feel ashamed of ever considering it an option.

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