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New screens and story details for Shiren the Wanderer


In a developer blog post, Atlus editor Clayton S. Chan ("the "S" does not stand for 'Shiren'") described the upcoming Wii release of Shiren the Wanderer as a game in which "story plays a huge role," contrasting with previous Shiren games in which just enough story was presented to justify the gameplay.

In addition to exploring the mysterious Karakuri Mansion, Chan said, players can expect to "learn a bit about Shiren's relationship with [characters from his past], and you'll also learn quite a bit about Shiren's father and the ancestors of both Shiren and Koppa." Several post-game side stories will also help expand the storyline.

Shiren will be out on February 9. In addition to the new info posted on Atlus's site, we have screenshots in our gallery which prove that despite the emphasis on story, Shiren is still a traditional roguelike.

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