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Nokia 5800 firmware update adds kinetic scrolling, revised home screen

Chris Ziegler

Nokia has started rolling out what appears to be a major new firmware build for the venerable 5800 XpressMusic, bringing a couple key features to the phone that inaugurated S60 5th Edition over a year ago. And seriously, by all accounts, this is a big one -- in addition to kinetic scrolling, the v40 release apparently brings the 5800's home screen up to spec with the 5530's and an automatic switch to QWERTY mode input when using the handset in landscape. This would certainly seem like the perfect time to put that new Windows 7-capable NSU client to the test, too, since it's apparently not yet available over the air -- and if we had to guess, not all product codes of the 5800 are seeing it yet either, so stay close and check often until you manage to grab it.

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