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Archlord announces server and content updates for 2010

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Since picking Archlord up in October of 2009, Webzen has been busy making plans to take the free-to-play game forward, and we got a peek at those plans today. They announced a server merge, new multi-language client, and brand new content for the game in the form of a dungeon designed to be accessible to players of all levels.

Beginning today, the four existing European servers will be merged into two, and a new realm "Deribelle" will be opened. The merge will increase population on the two "new" serevers, and Deribelle will feature increased EXP and drop rates as well as a "massive cash item giveaway" in order to welcome new players.

February will bring further opportunity for new players to check the game out, in the form of a new multi-language client. The new client will support German, French, Spanish, and Portugese.

Webzen didn't stop there, however. All the effort in reaching out to new players will culminate in March with some brand new content designed to appeal to the entire player base, both new and old. The Chaotic Frontier dungeon features an automatic adjustment to the entering character's level, making the dungeon available to all players.

The first of the new updates arrives today, so if you haven't checked out Archlord yet, this may be an excellent time to start.

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