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Finally! A way to easily view MobileMe galleries from your iPhone

Mel Martin

Well, that took a while.

Ever since the iPhone appeared, it's been a pain to view your photo and video galleries on MobileMe from your iPhone or iPod touch. Sure, you could use Safari, but it was a clunky and slow process. With Apple connecting just about everything to everything else these days, not being able to easily view MobileMe galleries from an iPhone seemed like a pretty big omission.

Now, that problem has been solved. Apple has just released a free app for MobileMe users called, appropriately enough, MobileMe Gallery [iTunes link].

Among the features of MobileMe Gallery:

  • View your entire gallery including password protected and hidden albums
  • Flick through photos, and pinch and zoom
  • Get a landscape view by rotating the phone
  • View friends galleries
  • View photos you've already accessed when you are offline
  • Send a gallery link to friends directly from the iPhone
The app requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later, and is localized in English, French, German, and Japanese. I tried the app this morning, and it worked as advertised. When you have an image displayed it can be emailed to someone, and Apple provides a URL to the photo in MobileMe so you are not sending the big photo file directly from your phone. Movies and slide shows played fine, and you can tap any photo to save it to your camera roll or use it as wallpaper.

Apple, what took you so long? This is a nice little app. Go get it.

Thanks to Sebastiaan for the tip

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