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The Daily Grind: What's your favorite fashion?


Let's not try to deny this -- MMO players are kinda vain. We're always looking for loot that not only has better stats, but also makes us look better. Why have a plain old sword when you can have a glowing sword? Why have a glowing sword when you can have a glowing sword that drips poison and sings Christmas carols when you stab someone? You see my point here.

So today we want to know what's MMO vogue. What's your favorite armor set, or armor piece, or weapon in all of the worlds you have inhabited? Was it something you saw in World of Warcraft, or Second Life, or any other game out there? If you can, be sure to link us some pictures -- we want to see what you think is in style.

So when you're ready, throw your opinions and your links in the white comment box below. Afterwards, you may or may not want to do a little turn on the catwalk, yeah, on the catwalk. (Warning, slighty NSFW video might be too sexy for your work, too sexy for your work...)

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