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Windows Media Center gets networked tuners via DVBLink

Ben Drawbaugh

Although not many service providers in the US have leveraged the new Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture (PBDA) in Windows Media Center, the folks over at DVBLogic sure have. You might remember the name DVBLink because it's the software that makes the Hauppauge HD PVR work with Windows 7 Media Center, and now the company has once again stepped up and filled a void in Media Center by enabling network tuners -- what's next a software Extender? The way this works is that you install server software where the tuner is installed and a client on the Media Center PC where you want to use it. This opens up some interesting possibilities like the ability to install tuners on your WHS, and use them on your small form factor PC sitting in the home theater -- sure you could just use a HDHomeRun, but this would work with any tuner. We've yet to try this ourselves, but the directions are not as straight forward as we just described it, regardless, as long as it works it sounds like any installation woes would be well worth the trouble.

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