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WoW Moviewatch: Druid Anthem


Zharkan16's Druid Anthem is a slightly different take on Belf Rap. It's Nelf Rap. Okay, it's more like Druid Rap. Zharkan16 -- otherwise known as DJ Sn4rk -- created the Druid Anthem for the AlienWare Machinima Contest. The contest rules dictated a time limit of three minutes, which is why the creator seems to feel this film is unfinished. Still, I think the video hit its pace, and feels relatively complete to me.

I enjoyed a lot about the video. It had that sense of fun and enjoyment that I look for in World of Warcraft fan videos, and it's definitely rooted in the gameplay of a druid. I'm not sure the vocals really did the trick for me, though. They felt a little slower than the music's implied pace, and repeated the chorus a little too often. However, the lyrics and composition were strong, in my opinion.

Ultimately, it was an enjoyable video. My small critiques of the song are probably because of my limited knowledge of rap music, instead of anything wrong with the video itself.

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