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Clear releasing two new WiMAX modems with integrated VOIP functionality

Tim Stevens

We were recently lucky enough to experience Clear's WiMAX service in Las Vegas for a week and, after having 4G available whenever we wanted it, we were a little sad to go back to our 3G domiciles. For those who live every day in a WiMAX wonderland, Clear has a pair of new modems for you, both featuring built-in ATA compatibility meaning those signing up for Clear Voice VOIP can jack their phones straight in. The devices are the Gemtek Series G, available in Vegas, and the Motorola CPEi 725 Series M, available in Portland. Both are $80 up-front or $5 per month on lease, and neither are available where we are, so if you'll kindly excuse us we're going to go pout in the corner for a bit.

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