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EEDAR predicts DS2 will be announced this year


In a recent report, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has predicted that Nintendo will announce its next handheld -- let's call it the DS2 -- within the next eight months. Furthermore, Divnich believes that the product will be released within fifteen months. "one of the biggest reasons for Nintendo's success in the handheld market is their ability to remove opportunity gaps for competitors to enter," says Divnich, citing the early release of the DS, which effectively stymied the chances for the PSP a year later. Other reasons to release new hardware include the increasing threat of piracy and the specter of declining support from publishers (Ubisoft, for example, has announced plans to scale back support for Nintendo platforms).

Frankly, the DS hardware is getting a little long in the tooth; as such, it's not too hard to imagine Nintendo ramping up for the release of its inevitable successor. Hell, even Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has been talking about it. Or has he?

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