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Just Cause 2's interactive trailer lets you choose your own adventure

Just Cause 2 has had its fair share of titillating promotional materials over the past few months, but the latest piece of marketing for the game -- an interactive trailer -- really goes for broke. It's basically showing off the various options you have when faced with a tricky hostage scenario. Hijack a fighter jet? Storm the area in a Humvee? Ride your parachute in, sneaky-creepy style? All are possible in the trailer, which we've posted after the jump.

However, the trailer's not nearly as sandbox-esque as we expect the game to be. What if, instead of infiltrating the enemy base, we just tethered two fighter jets together using our grappling hook, and then flew around clotheslining unlucky sentries? Yeah, that's a pretty specifically-tailored plan of action, but we're pretty sure that's all we're going to do once we get our hands on the game. Eidos, we expect a revised version of the trailer on our desks by tomorrow morning.

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