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NPD 10 top-selling games for (all of) 2009

Justin McElroy

With the final month of the year in our snowmobile's rear-view, we can now pore over a totally complete and official list of the best-selling games of 2009 and boy, what a difference a month makes. While Modern Warfare 2 for 360 and PS3 still hold the #1 and #8 slots respectively, December has allowed first-party Nintendo games to fill #2 through #7. Heck, Pokemon Platinum even sneaks back in there at the end for good measure. Gamasutra's got the full list here, if you feel like perusing.

We at Joystiq Publishing would again like to apologize to our investors for failing to crack the Top Ten list for the seventh year running. That said, we've been learning from these success stories and we're pretty sure that Healthy Race Island: Now With Shooting and Pokemon, will lead the way to a much brighter 2010.

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