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P. B. Winterbottom traveling through time for February 17 release

According to a 2K Play press release we received late last night, a certain porcine pie thief and his time-altering puzzle-platformer, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade February 17 for 800 ($10). To get an idea of whether or not this is news that you should get excited about, we suggest checking out our interview with Matt Korba, the game's creator. Or, if reading isn't your thing, simply watch these pretty moving pictures.

Or, better yet, just read the aforementioned press release. Containing words like "buttwitt," "Chronoberry," "delicious morsel," and "sleuthing," it might just be the most phonetically pleasing piece of marketing we've ever read.

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