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Dungeons and Dragons Online releases notes for update 3

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Turbine is planning the next update for Dungeons and Dragons Online, and while it's not set to launch for a few more weeks, the current release notes are up for players to take a look at now.

The next update will bring about some very welcome changes, such as the removal of level sigils, new free content in the form of four new dungeons, and the addition of casual difficulty mode for solo players and small groups. On the other end of the difficulty scale, The Vault of Night adventure pack will offer epic difficulty for level 20 players, making it the latest adventure pack to get the epic treatment. Level 20 players will also want to revisit Kruz the Reincarnation Trainer -- he's expanded his repertoire and learned a few new tricks.

Of course, this is just a very small sampling of the coming updates for Dungeons and Dragons Online. As with updates one and two, the notes are very extensive (particularly with regard to enhancements and spells) and make changes to everything from table-dancing NPCs to quest mechanics. Read through the full release notes for yourself, and we'll see you in update three!

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