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Final MAG beta statistics released, over one million served

The last beta phase for Zipper Interactive's pseudo-MMOFPS MAG has ended, and the developer has compiled some facts and figures you may find fascinating. According to a recent post on the studio's blog, over one million people downloaded the MAG beta client worldwide. Of that group, around 619,000 people gained at least one point of experience, 52,846 became eligible for Squad Leader status, 10,249 became Platoon Leaders, 3,181 hit the rank of Officer in Charge, and only 143 players reached the level 60 experience cap.

Zipper also broke down the populations of the three factions: Raven and Valor each netted about 38 percent of the game's player base, while SVER only picked up 24 percent. However, despite its smaller size, SVER ended up winning out overall for the Sabotage gametype. Well, now we know which private military contractor is the plucky underdog.

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